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Default Re: Smoking Jurak in Masouleh

Originally Posted by swaflyer1 View Post
seriously! idk what it is, but his writing just keeps me so interested with every post.

anywho, that sounds pretty awesome hajo! do u know where i might be able to track some of this jurak stuff down in the states? i would love to try it.
Thanks for the kind words. I suppose my life has it's interesting periods and when something neat happens I like to let people know about it.
As for jurak, well no one sells it anywhere in the Western world as far as I can tell which is really something given that literally hundreds of great jurak brands are around that are made in large quantities in various corners of the world. In any case I have been working like crazy to find a really good jurak that I can provide at cost to HPers so that you guys can experience the stuff I write about. If I can pull it off i'll make a thread about it like I did with rare moassels like Contentment, Khansar, Shooting Star, The Pride of Al-Qamishli etc.
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