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Default Re: what is another good tobacco with thick clouds and good flavor

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I just don't understand why so many people are so into clouds. The truth is that clouds are made glycerin (the stuff they put in smoke machines) so if you get huge clouds you buying mostly glycerin rather then tobacco and getting ripped off. Once you get away from the super heavily processed junk and actually start smoking real moassel youíll notice while you get less smoke you often have thicker smoke with real texture. You also wonít get a film covering your mouth which is a real plus in my book.

In any case, smoking should be about tastes and textures that food/drink canít provide and good tobacco can give you rich and complicated flavours you canít get any other way.

I really wish more people would take a break from $15+ plus cans of artificially flavoured stuff that lacks any tobacco qualities at all and try something with a bit of character. Light bodied and very cheap Virginian leaf boiled into cellulose mush and drowned in glycerine and articial flavours shouldnít be the be all and in end all of this hobby. Unfortunately, that is the case for 90%+ of the narghile fans in the West and that, to me, is a shame.
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