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Default Newbie unboxing

I know there are tons of threads about what to order where to order, what to smoke, how to light coals, how to pack a bowl, etc..

so once you have done searching the vendors, reading reviews, ordering your hookah and waiting for what seems like forever, you finaly get your new hookah here are some things to check when you get it.

The first thing you want to do is find your packing slip(this is your best friend), and start taking everything out of your box. Double check that you got everything you ordered, anything else are bonuses from the vendor. It is also important to make sure you recieved all your grommets, pretty much were every 2 pieces fit together there will be a grommet(not sure on mod but im doing this based on a Km egytian) one for the stem to the base one from the hose to the stem one from the bowl to the stem.

Next your going to want to go through and check for any damage, this includes dents and dings on your stem, looks at your vase and check for chips cracks or hairline fractures. Look at the bowls for any sort of chips to the glazed coating.

Next check for holes in your stem, i did this by plugging one end of the stem and blowing into the other, do this for the main down stem and hose port. Check your hose my covering one end and blowing into the other.

Once your satisfied with everything enjoy your hookah. If you do find something wrong, most vendors(especially if they are listed on the forum) will be happyto fix the problem

Im sorry if something like this has been posted before but i couldnt find anything. I thought of this last night while unboxing my first hookah.
I hope this helps
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