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Default Re: I wanna start.... but where at? *PICS*

First hard lesson in Hookah I have learned today....
Dont place your stem on the floor, I was working on taking that grommet off today in my room and had the stem on the floor. I left it there.

Just now I got the shower and went in there... and sometime today I steped on the down stem and bent the hell out of it. When I went to straighten it....... I BROKE MY DOWN STEM PRETTY MUCH IN HALF!!!! OMFG

Am I screwed? or can i repair this some magic way? I think I just put this hookah out of commission, which pisses me off I just ordered the stuff to make it usable and was trying to fix it up.

My camera battery is charging now but ill send out some pics. Damnit I cant believe I broke it.
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