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Default Re: I wanna start.... but where at? *PICS*

Sucks I did this dumb move.....

Thanks that Youtube Video helped... Looks Like this weekend I am going to have to hit up the Hardware store. The only thing I might find hard to get access to is the butane torch, but I been meaning to buy one of those for a while, seems I got 2 or 3 other reasons for owning one.

I haven't had luck with JB weld in the past so not sure if I want to try that.

BTW how hot can I expect the downstem to get? I mean thats alot of added soldering with lead and the additional flux. Its still going to be ok to smoke out of ?

I am curious what type of weld the hookah makers use.

Thanks for both responses.... I might try to capture what I end up doing on camera when I finally get around to fixing this.
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