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Default Re: What is your favorite.... Shisha!

I would really like to go back to Fumari.

I loved thier flavors, but the last time I ordered it was crap. I get headaches from layalina, and tangiers is not an everyday smoke. Starbuzz tastes artificial, as does pharoahs, but both smoke well. I like some of al waha, but it seems the flavors drop off too quick.

I really liked smiley's prickley pear, honestly one of my favorites this year. However, it looks like it'd be difficult to get unless Mnhookah keeps stocking it. I just wish I could buy in larger sizes than 150 grams. Same with fumari, I mean 100 grams for $9.00 is well, excessive me thinks. wish they would up it to 250. I really want them to get the flavors back in line so I can order a kilo of fahkafakhina.

But I think, I've gotten used to the flavors. So it may be bland to me. I think I'm gonna try stopping smoking hookah for a month and try getting some fumari again, see if my taste buds have been.... abused.
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