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Originally Posted by brybry642 View Post
Is this book trying to make me believe that smoking will make me live longer or something?

Conspiracy theorists are the craziest of the bunch....
No, it doesn't say that smoking is good for you.

Simply evoking conspiracy theories is simply a means to misrepresent any opinions or facts that contradicts group think as nonsensical without critically looking at what is said. Itís a rhetorical device for lemming and a means to prevent thoughtful discourse that works extremely well.

I've been posting links & excerpts from this book for years and it's great stuff actually. Tons of great info and a really nicely done criticism of the Attorney Generalís Reports and a great deal of stuff about the politicalization of science.

Thing is that most people are far more comfortable listening to the propasphere and believing as they told then actually reading what Colby has to say.
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