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Default Re: Another new tobacco

I've tried Hookah Fina and it's just another SB knockoff. Like about a hundred other products on the market they take extremely mild Virginia leaf and process it into flavourless, textureless celulouse with no hint of tobacco flavour or texture. Next, add artificial flavours, preservatives, inverted sugar of some sort and drown the mixture in glycerin and process it some more. The end result is a sweet, candy like product for 15+ bucks a tin that will appeal to smokers that hate tobacco but love artificial fruit flavours/cheap candy/energy and yuppie drinks and big clouds.

In havenít tried Inhale but theyíve been making crappy rigs in the Peopleís Republic of China for years which isnít too encouraging. Given that it looks like and is marketed as yet another SB knock off itís a safe bet that is exactly that
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