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Default Re: Smoking Jurak in Masouleh

Originally Posted by hookahslisk View Post
What type of set up are the locals using? Bowl and coals are what I'm mostly curious about.
In Gilan province it seems that a typical Persian ghalyoon which is rarely used with moassel. What makes a ghalyoon different that a narghile is rather extensive but mainly it's that the mainsteam (and often the downsteam) are made of wood, they lack purge valves and typical have bowl better suited to jurak or tombac. The few bowls Iíve seen in Gilan province are wide, shallow and unglazed jurak bowls. From what I have seen of the Middle East everyone that is not in a huge city smokes locally made bulk coal that they start with an old fashioned clay charcoal starter that looks sort of like the terra cotta porch heaters they sell in the states. The only thing that seems a little different about Gilan then how jurak is smoked in the rest of Iran is that the locals seem to have wooden tubes rather then hoses connected to the ghalyoon although I canít say if that is typical since I havenít been here long and I donít know many people.
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