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Default Re: How to smoke Desi Murli

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Since I started this thread Kamal has been mixing in everything you need to make a great session. The packing, foil and heat management tips are still sound.

It's great to see people appriciating a fine product like DM.

As to how it's made I can't say since i've never been the production site. I will say that it's unwashed and the additives have a natural taste that that is classically Indian with the idea being to compliment rather then replace the tobacco notes.

Oh, Pan Rasna is amazing although Khus and Kewra are still my all time favs.
I got some Kewra and Roofahza, waiting till tomorrow to smoke them.
Should I still mix honey and glycerin with the tobacco? I liked it without them, but if it would make the session any better, I will try it.
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