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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Lets see, you agree with brybry642 who not only hasn't read the book but misrepresents it by making a rhetorical strawman and engages in a bit of ad hominem attacks and that is something you agree with which pretty much says it all as far as how your mind is sealed tightly against reason.

I guess since you read all of two paragraphs you think you can actually say something about a book which again demonstrates quite a bit about how narrow minded you are and how unwilling you are to actually consider a position other then your own.

Are you really unable to have a debate without actually making offensive remarks and personal attacks?

The guy has a different opinion from yours, and voiced it. Obviously you're not very accepting of his opinion since it differs from yours, yet you accuse him of being narrow minded.

Questioning that burning something and inhaling it into your lungs has a negative effect on your body is nothing but wishful thinking. While smoking shouldn't become the great evil it is seen as in the US today, one has to be aware that second hand smoke not only disturbs other people's comfort, but can also bring forth allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other such things. You have a right to smoke, but you have no right to bother other people with your smoke.
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