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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Lets see, you agree with brybry642 who not only hasn't read the book but misrepresents it by making a rhetorical strawman and engages in a bit of ad hominem attacks and that is something you agree with which pretty much says it all as far as how your mind is sealed tightly against reason.

I guess since you read all of two paragraphs you think you can actually say something about a book which again demonstrates quite a bit about how narrow minded you are and how unwilling you are to actually consider a position other then your own.

Let's take a look at those two paragraphs that "actually laughing at some of the crap this guy tries to question regarding the risk of cancer due to smoking"

Here they are:

"I am a 64 year old male and I have been smoking cigars and pipes since I was 18. Recently, however, like other smokers, I have found myself hounded, bullied and repressed by a government-sponsored campaign against smoking and smokers. In fact, I've been thrown out of some of the best restaurants in the country, because of my smoking habits!"

So, what is so far fetched and non-nonsensical about that paragraph? Is there or is there not an active government campaign against smokers in the U.S.? Is likely that someone would get thrown out of a great restaurant for smoking? The answer in both cases is yes to anyone that has been conscious in the last 15+ years which makes the paragraph reasonable and ignited's criticism not reasonable.

“What particularly galls me is the prejudice against cigar and pipe smokers! The original Surgeon General's Report, released in 1964, showed no ill effects from pipe smoking, or moderate cigar smoking. Indeed, studies relied upon by the SG actually showed that pipe smokers lived longer than non-smokers. The only exception was pipe smokers who quit smoking. They died somewhat sooner than the non-smokers or the active pipe smokers. The SG speculated that the pipe smokers who quit might have done so because they were ill.”

Given that you never bothered to read the chapter that actually addressed the contents of the The 1964 Surgeon General's Report you failed to actually notice what the report said with respect to pipe and cigar smokers. If you actually read the chapter in question you note what was said on pages 57 & 58 of the report with respect to benz(a)pyrene, inhaling and non-inhaling smokers and cancer rates. Of course all of those things need to be taken into account within the overall context of the report and statistical errors and numerous methodological problems with the report that Colby addressees and backs up his position with clear thinking and credible citations .

By contrast you simply make inane and fallacious statements while admitting a complete unfamiliarity with the text.

I laughed so hard..

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