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You are correct that everyone is free to read or not read what ever they want. However, I, and everyone else, is equally free to reject wholly ignorant mis-characterizations of unread texts as blather not to be taken seriously.

You claim that most people would disagree without the response I gave him yet as I have come to expect from you no evidence at all supporting such a notion has been presented. In any case, the mere popularity of an opinion in no way lends it credence so again we see that one is free to proclaim ignorance as the poster in question did and others are equally free to call it such.

As to having something positive to say I would say that silence in the face of willful ignorance is no vice and to condemn such ignorance is a virtue. As to debating in a respectful manner I correctly pointed out that the opinion of the poster in question is baseless and that he admitted as much. I also pointed out that ad hominem attacks and strawman fallacies are tools used by the narrow minded and willfully ignorant to suppress contrary opinions that rest upon evidence. That you fail to criticize such things while condemning me for my honesty demonstrates that my opinion of you is correct.

Since our opinions on each other won't change and another pissing contest is not in the best interest of the forum I would request that rather then continuing this off topic exchange we let people that actually want to read the text in question do so and discuss it.

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