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Default Re: I wanna start.... but where at? *PICS*

Well my hookah shipment came in from Sahara and I just got done with 2 smoke sessions.

Everything came in good shape and good quality... I will probably do a review on Sahara tomorrow... if I get a chance, right now people are trying to find a couch to sleep on in my living room.

I tried the Margarita Hookah-Hookah first... UGH bad stuff. At first it was ok to deal with, but people smoking it couldn't tell what it even tasted like, then I burned it which made it unsmokeable. Lesson learned on how to pack it in the bowl, I know I burned it because it was stuck the foil when I through it in the trash.

Next I went to the Blueberry... This was actually decent, it wasn't as pleasant as I was hoping for it. But Me and my friends smoked for pretty an hour and a half am guessing. Gave me a little head buzz for a little bit, was nice and exactly what I was wanting. The Blueberry was very very mellow.

One thing I did was pretty much destroy my bowl grommet. I really don't know how I did it but it has melted in half. I think it happened because I put the coals in the ash tray next to it but am not sure if that's the reason.

Am ready now for the Nakla, Fumari, and AF order to come in.
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