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Default Newly Acquired Hookah =/

Hey everyone! I am new at this Hookah stuff. I was recently given a hookah from a friend. She tried to use it once, I think, and it didn't work. Well now I have it. It had the bowl grommet and a broken base grommet. No ball bearing or hose grommet. Went to a local smoke shop and got those 3 things, some tobacco, and a bowl screen. Came home and set everything up, lit the charcoal and got hardly any smoke. After researching on here I started testing for leaks and found that every place that is threaded is leaking. I don't know what to do now. Tried electrical tape and that worked for some parts. The steam unscrews into two parts then there are two more small pieces that are threaded, I'm guessing one of them is to hold the tray (which I am missing) and the other one it the part you put the bowl & grommet on. So far I have no leaks up to the tray holder, but cant get the other two sealed. Here are some pictures. I also have no idea what kinda of Hookah this is. Sorry for the long post. I hope I gave enough info! Thanks!

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