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Originally Posted by Red X View Post
Hello everyone, im new to the hookah world, but from what i understand i have a decent hookah and have several nice types of shisha, i have a 24' syrian nour hookah, whenever i try and smoke starbuzz sex on the beach i find that it gets very harsh and it isint enjoyable at all. I use 2 layers on foil, and two ******* hookah natural coals, and if i take one coal off it still seems to taste odd. This is unfortunate because i live in a area where shipping shisha takes 10 days regardless and i dont want to keep waisting the shisha i have. I have had much better luck with hookah-hookah brand tobacco and from what i understand starbuzz is supposed to be a much higher quality. I always use water and ice in the base. If anyone could help me with some tips for smoking starbuzz please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks - Rick

A 24 foot Syrian!...where do you keep it and how do you pack that bowl?...Must be like Jack and the Beanstock.
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