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Default Re: smoking hookah in public

Originally Posted by killak3v View Post
hey HP fam i was thinking about smoking my hookah at a bowling alley that allows smoking in a part of the place it shouldnt be a problem right i mean it isnt illegal and also if u can smoke a cigg inside you should be able to smoke hookah indoors right haha hope management doesnt get to pissed =o

anyways anyone else got outside hookah stories or peculiar places you guys have pulled out ur rig and smoked up
okay, yeah i definitely have an interesting story.
So at my college campus there was a local concert and me and my friends decided we wanted to sit on the lawn and listen while smoking his hookah. Now, as far as i have researched there was no policy against hookah, the only rule was that all smoking must be 25ft away from buildings. So, there we are just enjoying the music and smoke and this random chick walks by us and gives us a note saying 'God loves you' like she is some sort of evangelistic hero saving everyone from the dangers of hookah...But low and behold campus security came by and made us pack it up citing that it was drug paraphernalia. Incidentally, when asked to show in writing where it states so and going to student services to verify so they failed.
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