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Default Re: Drunk Hookah= Bad morning?

Originally Posted by Absolem View Post
Nicotine makes the blood thicker, and alcohol makes it thinner. So that's not the problem.
I dont wanna be a jerk but ummmm I already posted that the two in combination do have an effect.... Blood Thinning or Thickening has nothing to do on with your not adding water to your system... =Dehydration= Dizziness + nausea + Headache = Hangover

Which means your going to get dehydrated from drinking beers all night and taking the million trips to the bathroom urinating all that water out. (Hence one big reason for the hangover in the morning)
So when you add smoking to the picture which only amplifies the condition due to it constricting your blood vessels its going to feel a little worse by chance.

Then again the thread starter... May have had just a hangover don't realize that and the hookah may have nothing to do it or he didnt get enough sleep, or he slept funny the moon aligned just right and it caused it.

But to say Nicotine and Alcohol counter react each other balancing out.

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