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Default Re: Ghouls and Ghosts

All my flavors have ghosted a little. I mostly use statbuzz and pharohs in assorted flavors. Any fruit flavored pharohs seems to stay behind a while if smoked for several sessions. Hehe the worst time was at a lounge when my friend and I got a bowl of romman lemon mint. After that we refilled with wild berry or something like that. The guy blew the hookah out and used a different bowl but all you could tast for the whole session was lemon mint. It was quite weird since you couldn't even tell there was fresh berry shisha in there. I don't think the workers knew what they were doing though. The holes they put in the foil were tiny almost like pin holes so they would clog easy. This sucked cause they had really nice cobra hoses so you got a huge hit of the harshest smoke in the world.
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