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Default Hookah, uh, Culture by location and coal question!

Hey everyone,
Just thought it would be interesting to hear from people how popular hookah is in their location. As a student at the University of Washington in Seattle it would seem college towns are places to go for hookah stuff. The U-District has 3 hookah bars all within 1 mile of each other and all the smoke shops carry an abundance of shisha and hookah products. However one thing I've noticed is no one carries natural coals its all either dodo or golden freakin quick lights. I finally found a place that carries al fakher lemonwood and japanese easy lights. I bought the lemonwood which I'm kind of regretting. They heat the shisha perfeclty and have no taste watsoever if you can get them lit properly. My stove didn't do the job so I had to try and light them with my tripple emitter tourch lighter. So I guess I need to buy a little single coil burner. I'm thinking of getting the japanese easy lights. Could someone tell me if they produce any taste and how long they last / how much ashing occurs. The lemonwood made the shisha flavor really pop but the weird shapes and sizes make lighting really difficult and standard deviation in burn times is absolutley huge. Sometimes they last for an hour other times 15 min. The japanese ones are nice cause they are consistent but it would be helpful to know how hot they burn and if theres any taste.
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