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Default Re: Mega Epic 1st Order!

Originally Posted by EtP_Vocalist View Post
So, i couldn't wait any longer on posting this. I'm too excited. lol. So here is my very first order that i will be sending in near the end of this month. This is my birthday present, from me, to me! haha.
KM Carnival with 3 packs of 50g Nakhla. Vanilla, Orange, and Double Apple with a Quad Metal XL wind cover.
Nakhla 250g Sweet Melon,
Coco Nara 108 piece coals,
KM Golden Tray,
KM Hammer Tongs,
Red vase protector,
100g Starbuzz Punkin pie, and
100g Starbuzz Winter Fresh
Large Nammor hose red
Vortex Bowl black

Heres the KM Carnival I'm ordering.

What do you guys think? This order towers in at a little below $200 after the discounts. Thanks!
wow... i wished i had that much money in my pocket so that i could have ordered sme of the stuff.....
ur 1 lucky dude...... enjoy ur hookah session man
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