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Default First ever hookah :D

Ive been smoking hookah for about 2 and a half weeks..mabey 3 now. And yesterday, I got an early B-day present from xH00k4hxSn1p3rx. It was his old little Social Smoke Rave hookah (I think thats what it is lol). Anyways, its the first hookah I've ever used, and he got a new one. So he gave me his old one for my bday. He also left me with some HH Frost (Wintergreen and speermint mix), some HH Lemonade, some HH grape, and 2 rolls of quicklights. So I ran to the store and picked up a little torch lighter because I can't smoke inside. And I picked up some AF Mint and AF cherry (I got the cherry cause the guy at the local smoke shop said its his personal favorite cause I wanted to try a new flavor).

Today is a nice day so Ill prolly smoke for the first time on my own. Pack my first bowl and everything. Its going to be trial an error. I think I know how from watching xH00k4hx enough. But we will see how it goes Wish me luck
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