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Default Re: Hookah, uh, Culture by location and coal question!

San Francisco. Hookah is quite popular here and getting more and more popular. There are quite a bit of hookah bars in SF but they are all pretty close to each other. Also, we have a store here in SF dedicated to strictly hookah. The Lemonwood coals just need 15minutes to light on a coil burner. If they are too big, jsut let them light and then you can break them after they are fully lit. Easy-Lite are very fast to light even with a stove but as usual, coil burner is ALWAYS recoomended. The Easy-Lite, they burn almost as hot as natural coals. Usually, if u get the Genuine Easy-Lite, theres no taste or smell. When lighting easy-lite, theres SOMETIMES a slight charcoal smell but its VERYYY small.
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