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Default Re: Problem with my small hookah

Originally Posted by EssamHelmy View Post
half a centimeter?? The down stem should be in about an inch or half an inch into the water. The water is not your problem anyway. I think your rig is not tightly sealed. You're using foil as a grommet for the bowl and I don't know how you sealed the stem into the base but I can't see a grommet on that either. I also don't see a grommet on your hose. One of those three or all of those three are not tightly sealed thus you're breathing in air. Your hookah can smoke like a champion even with that small bowl but I think you're having a sealing issue.


The rig does sit into a grommet, but the problem i have with the grommet is that when i put the rig into the base with the grommet after a while it gets loose. for this reason i tried the robinsons bottle that was a perfect fit for the rig (Without the grommet).

With regards to the grommet for the bowl, the rig is soldered with the ash plate along with a "metal" grommet at the top (replacing a rubber grommet). the reason why im using foil under the bowl is to give it a tight fit ontop of the soldered grommet as it it loose without the foil.

I dont have a grommet on the hose, i never knew i needed one? where would this be fitted as my mates i don think has a grommet there.
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