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Default Hi eveyone

Hello everyone im a new user. well first i wanna say thank you for this awesome site.
I'm Arab,Armenian so obviously i love hookah lol i recently moved to the US; we're about to do Hookah business by shipping new hookahs and new tobacco flavors, kinds and even the hand made ones that every1 hopefully will love.. new hookah sampels will arrive hopefully on may and you'll be able to taste and see new stuff like hookah accessories, flavors pretty much on 09. i don't want to talk more lol because this is my first post soo if you have any questions or any type, kind of hookah you want to see in the US just contact me and tell me what you want hopefully within less then 1 year we will be dealers in the USA

THANK you and add me to your friends list since i dont know any1 here lol ty
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