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Default Re: girlfriend...and my hookah

Originally Posted by Gurilla79 View Post
well thoes are some hardcore women but this dudes girl sounds like shes just starting off so lets give her start off shisha before we get into the old stuff okay there boss!
Howabout this: The dude asked for suggestions, so I made the suggestion that he needn't stray away from natural tobacco flavors, and it's possible she might enjoy and embrace them.

It's got nothing to do with being "hardcore" Two of the women in question are nowhere near being veteran smokers, they just appreciate the natural tobacco flavors of black and spiced moassels.

I'm tired of this stigma that one must "Man-up" to enjoy traditional moassel. It's no scarier, harsher, or harder to smoke than anything else... It's just not candy-sweet and the box lacks a large nonthreatening picture of a pineapple.

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