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Default Why is getting buzzed so important?!

If any of you read my topic of cheap nakhla, i stated that i rarely get buzzed from anything. Half of this is because of a nicotine tolerance from my cigar smoking, but the other half is because i don't hoover the hose either. The way i understood it, hookah was supposed to be a relaxing experience where you just sit back and enjoy the flavor. All this hype about huge buzzes and big clouds kinda ruins the point of hookah for me. I don't like getting buzzed. i don't like the feeling it gives me and i don't think that's what hookah was meant for anyways. I could be wrong but please state some opinions on the matter. When i buy shisha i look for something that is going to taste good. I could honestly care less whether its washed or unwashed, or what the nicotine percentage is. As long as it taste good, i'm happy... I bought nakhla because i herd so many good things about the taste. i didn't buy it thinking "yeah man, this stuff is gonna give me a huge buzz! WOO!" So honestly, Why is getting buzzed so important to some of you other hookah folks?
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