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Default Re: First ever hookah :D

Originally Posted by Sweider View Post
I tried the AF cherry, and xH00k4hxSn1p3rx, Lady Caska, and me could not taste it o.O it was VERY FAINT if there was much of a taste. I was dissapointed. Then we packed a bowl of AF mint (my favorite). And, I was well fed, and had plenty to drink, but I think I was a little to upset at my girlfriend. Cause we were fighting. I had 1 Holland Quick light, Now Ive used this bowl with xH00k4hx plenty , and we never completely finished the bowl in 1 coal..specially not a quick light. Anyways. I completely finish the whole bowl, It was pretty dried out, and starting to burn a little, when I finally couldn't smoke anymore after xH00k4hx left. I had a huge buzz, which i have never gotten from AF mint befor. Thinking back I was pretty much chain iron lung hitting that thing, I was so pissed. I had a killer headache for like 7 hours till I went to sleep lol! All in all, Crazy huge buzz, I took an tylonal which killed most of the head ache. So all in all. HUGE BUZZ, good session Just remind me to never smoke that pissed off XD
hahah AF mint always gives me a headache after a while, and especially with quicklights (hollands) the headache magnifies. i hated hollands but those were the coals that the lounge i worked at served. we got complaints all the time
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