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Default sweet melon nakhla harsh for first 15 min?

I bought some nakhla sweet melon and week or so ago and have smoked 3 bowls from my 250 gram batch. Each time I am experiencing some harshness in the first 15-20 min of the session. Has anyone else had this harshness with the sweet melon flavored shisha?

I am smoking out of my mya gelato 2 hose hookah. I have a stock mya bowl along with 2 different phunnel bowls which i have not tried to smoke the sweet melon from. My heat management is fine with the coals I am using. I have used the same coals for smoke other shisha and never had a problem with such harshness.

any ideas to try and fix this problem because the flavor of sweet melon is very good and I am trying to enjoy it more.
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