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Question HH evolusion tea shisha, possible problems

Well im am a lover of hookah yet i would rather not get the nicotine if i can have an option. So i bought a 5 pack of this tea shisha. well id did a few video reviews (crap camcorder deleted them automatically when i connected to the computer) and to my suprise they were wonderfull. huge clouds and long times about 45 mins useing a vortex 2 coals and 14 g of shisha.

well heres were the problems come in the first time nothing good to go. after he second time i got a head ach thought it was just me im am pron to head achs and mild migraines. third time (all different flavors btw) a massive 4 hour migraine which i had to work through because my boss is a dick.

well in the comeing days im am going to light up once more and see if the shihsa was the problem, i hope not.

has anyone tried this or had this experiance with any other shihsa or nic free shisha?
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