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Exclamation great hookah session/??

well tonight i had a hookah session, with
4 of my buddies and i. the first time i set up a hookah
took me about 5 minutes, and now, since i've seen all
the tutorials and {what to do's} its taking me a bit longer.
about twice as long. but We can all taste the difference.
which is a good thing right? another thing, i followed all
the advice i've gotten from HP but some reason, it hits too hard.
maybe its the atmosphere, my surroundings. Usually we're outdoors,
but tonight, i had to settle indoors cuz of some nosy neighbors (which
by the way, i'm getting kicked outof my place, for smoking shisha, and being too rowdy. BULLSHIT! lol) anywho, tonight indoor session, was kinda weird, Usually it doesnt hit me as hard, but it did tonight. perhaps, the room temperature? the music? the drinks? the vibe? idk... hope you guys can help me pin point this mystery! thanks!
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