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Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
My Nour set up with a small Tangiers funnel packed with strong classic tobacco. Currently I am really enjoying exotica coals though they ash quite a bit. I like my Razan hoses over most others but for classic tobacco I usually end up using my Syrian Nour hose.
I like the way they ash, it's like sheets!

My KM with a small phunnel, loaded with Desi Murli. Some CH nats up top or exoticas. Roll with the narbish or nammor.
Watching a Miyazaki film (nostalgia, stand by), or playing Quake Live.
Maybe even some Smash Bros :3

Usually have a single hookah smoking companion. Not too into hookah and crowds.

Oh yeah! And a glass of water, or a soda! Coke or sprite.

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