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Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Even on my largest Egyptian bowl two coals is perfect. This may be because I am partial to using the wind cover from the beginning to regulate heat and use less charcoal.
Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
It really depends on the tobacco. Each one benefits from something a little different.

In general the fluffy, light packing method is best. Most tobacco will produce great results when packed light and fluffy in most bowls.

I've been smoking Nakhla almost exclusively lately, in a fairly large Egyptian bowl. I too use a wind cover. The difference in my setup is that I pack the tobacco pretty dense leaving about a 1/4" gap to the foil. With that tobacco, bowl and packing, I find 3 natural coals and a windcover is pretty much set it and forget it. I usually only rotate the coals once and then only "just because", and can normally just leave the windcover on. I get two rounds of coals with this setup. I should note that I prefer a bit of a warmer smoke.

For wetter tobacco I prefer my Crown Classic bowl. Again I pack fairly dense, not as dense with Nakhla in the Egyptian but still some pack. I generally start with two coals and a windcover, rotating the coals and windcover on/off as needed.
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