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Default Re: Nicotine content on the label

The number on the packaging is NOT an accurate measure of the nicotine contents. It's only an estimate, or a reference so to speak. 0.5% means it's unwashed and 0.05% means washed. Still, it's no indication of the buzz you're going to get from the tobacco.

For example, both JM and Social Smoke use a very mild tobacco to produce their shisha. Even though they both estimate the nicotine contents of their products at 0.5%, which would mean that it's an unwashed product, I dare anyone to get a Nakhla or Tangiers-type buzz out of either one. Or any kind of significant buzz that is not related to CO poisoning/oxygen deprivation.

If all Nakhla tobacco products contain 0.5% nicotine (minus El Basha), then why does the Mizo line have a low buzz factor when the Sherazade line is so very potent? How come there's so much variation in buzz if the nicotine contents are exactly the same? The answer: the number on the box means very little and it's just there as a reference, or in some cases, to market the product (see Social Smoke). Nothing more, nothing less.
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