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Default Re: The not so good side to narghile smoking, part 1

Originally Posted by girlgeek
Originally Posted by PerznPerversion
If a guy hits me and runs away. I AM GOING 2 RUN AND DO ANYTHING I CAN TO HIT HIM BACK!

In this case, i dont care what the law says, no one assaults me and gets away with it.

If that fag spit on me, i would have gotten a hold of something in the store and bashed his head with it..

Trust me im not a violent person, just assaulting me in that way is not cool. and u better believe i will teach u a lesson of respect.
If you hit him back on the spot, cry. A sheriff once gave me that advice when I was being stalked. Then again he also told me if someone broke into my house to "aim a the big part (chest) and rapid fire til the gun makes clicky noises" So um YMMV?

Oh yeah I'm 5'2" and girly
I was told the same thing - if someone breaks into my house and is within 3 feet of the door, unless killed - the criminal can file charges AGAINST me for assault. If killed, he/her family could file charges of manslaughter! The cop told me to run to another room and wait w/ said weapon and "cock it", if the intruder continues into the house and is more than 3 feet in, empty the gun.


Hajo, I hope you never have to face another idiot such as that stupid little man. People can be ignorant, stupid and cruel bigots. You probably did the right thing not striking back (even thought stunned and shocked), it would have just gotten you in trouble, for being a victim.
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