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Default Re: Very small burn holes on my foil, should i be worried ?

Actually I had a similar issue with Frollie, only on a much bigger scale today...
Check this:

The upper foil layer is like 1/5th of an inch away from the lower foil layer (weirdo packing technique but it's worked great for ages until this happened), the flavor is below that, so there's no way it got lathered up or even got in contact with any of it at all. The original holes were in the size that you can see around those 2 huge craters. The only thing that touched that foil was a couple of burning red cocobricos. The foil isn't cut and folded inwards or whatever, I checked. The cut is too clean and the foil is completely missing, the rims of the holes are singed. What on earth could have done that?
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