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so msn seems to be covering some scewed media as of late. They did a report on hookah that pretty much revolved around the theory that cigarettes and hookah are the same thing, same carbon monoxide output, same nicotene, same risk. Now that part that gets to me, is not that they have made this theory that hookah may be bad for you, it's fine to have a theory. The bad part is that the people conducting the interviews for this theroy made it so heavey handed in their questioning of subjects that it could do nothing buy villianize hookah. When this data is givin to those that make the laws of course they are going to try and ban the stuff, all they see is "holy crap! This stuff kills kids, adults, and steals from little old ladies? LETS GET IT OFF TEH STREET!" It's very sad to see this kind of snowballing because more than likly, this will be the outcome, due to people with their own heavy handed agenda's

p.s. sorry for all the mis-spelling, it's very late and I had to kind of fly through this
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