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Default The Idea of Mya Hookahs

I just want to clue everyone in on Mya Hookahs.

They are Chinese, Made in a Factory, by a Machine. Each part is threaded, and most parts have the exact same diameter threads so they fit together.

Have you been online or at a local shop and seen something that looks like a Mya, but has some weird difference that you aren't used to or haven't seen before? "The Acrylic on H-S is different than the one on HC, which is different than the one on SouthSmoke!" That's because Mya Parts are universal. You can Mix and Match those mutherfuckers for hundreds of possible creations. You could virtually create a 10 ft tall hookah with just Mya Stem parts.

Myas don't have strict guidelines saying which parts can go with which. Myas usually go by their names on H-S; Colossus, Odyssey, Gyro, Paragon.. etc. Most Myas are purchased through H-S. H-S does not get those names from Mya, they make them up themselves. So in reality no Mya Hookah has a set name until YOU name it.

Also, Myas have very common sized Heart diameters, making it easy to put them on Egyptian, Syrian, or Modern Bases. The Silicone Vase Grommets can be stacked to ensure a perfect, customized fit, no matter how big the vase is compared to the Heart.

Also, there are a couple companies out there that buy Mya hookahs and Re-sell them under their own name. Ross Bob is one of the bigger players. Before people knew about Mya over here, only Ross Bob's were sold.

One way to figure out if you have a Mya or a Mya Knock-off is simply the Mya Label. Mya puts the word "Mya" in white letters on every single one of their hearts in most circumstances (all that i've seen).

That's all i have to say, I just wanted people to know.
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