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You really have to look at the issue from both sides. The question has always been asked is hookah tobacco is as bad as smoking cigs? The answer is yes and no. Yes it is tobacco and eventhough it might have less nicotin and no tar or other "Secret" ingredients Phillip Morris and others mix with the tobacco, it is still tobacco. Having said that traditionally hookahs were not meant to replace cigarettes but as something of pass time activity like once a week/month where majority of Hookah smokers are not smokers at all and they just like the smell/taste of the flavoured shisha while sitting in a cafe drinking coffee or tea or a get together with friends and family. What I noticed on here is many young people smoke hookahs on a daily basis and some claim to smoke 100, 200, 300... grams a day and if you do that then you are a full-time smoker and the health risk is similar to smoking cigarettes, not to mention the risk to your pocket book. JMO
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