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Default Re: You guys are insane...

So Far from the HH flavors I tried the only one I do like is 7 Spice.

I have smoked 4 bowls of it so far... And each time it tastes a little different.

The first time it was like a BIG stick of Big Red Gum...

Second time it started off Big Red then went to the Anise.

3rd time it was more Anise with something else in the background.

My Next order is going to have to be a 250G tub of this stuff... I think am going to start using it as a Mixer as well as just smoking it straight.

Its one of my favorite favs so far.... I wanna find another Spicy Tobacco. I do like those Cheap cigars like White Owls, Optimos, Black and Milds and ETC so maybe that's where my taste buds are.
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