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Default Re: The not so good side to narghile smoking, part 1

I too have been told to aim and shoot if anyone has entered my house. Though my guys say if he's even a foot into my house, (ie from a window or a door and the door is then shut.... take a couple shots and waste him.

My guys told me to aim for the chest and if close range, the head. Make sure he's dead. As for the family pursuing manslaughter charges? I think i'd counter sue for damages to my house, and to my mental health. For allowing such an animal to invade my privacy.

We just had some scary instances here where i live. one of them A woman got raped about a block from me, in her own home. I my house backs against the woods that the back of her house is up against. Better believe I keep my gun next to me at all times now and lock all my doors. Let that creep try and come in to my house..... i'll kill him with the quickness no questions asked no tears shed. (or at least initially...)

As for what hajo went through, it sucks and i'm sorry that it happened.People are rude, and need to be held accountable for their actions. Next time after someone attacks you, (and hopefully there are witnesses to back it up) that you will be able to protect yourself better and that person gets arrested for aggrevated battery and aggrivated assult.


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