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Default Re: Got in trouble at work because I smoke hookah!!!

Your boss is your friend on Facebook? Gees that would suck

Why dont you just make it private? My Myspace and Facebook are Private just for that reason... I have a few politcal things that I support that not many people do, so at first I was worried about my job and co-workers and stuff but then I just started screening people I am friends with. I wont think twice to just deny somebody my friendship on a network site.

Am worried about making youtube vids as well for reviews and stuff... But am just going to stick to my screen name. Right now my current user name on youtube is my Last name and first initial not the smartest thing I have done but i was in a hurry. So I gotta make another one before I start making vids.

Worst thing Ive done is my EBAY account is my last name first intial all the free stuff I get from work I cant sell on ebay because its pretty obvious who I am!!! Sucks, thinking of making a new name there but then I would lose a good bit of feedback.
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