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Default Re: Be careful with new coconaras....

I used the old cocos and the new ones. I really have no issues with the new ones, although they are bigger they seem to last just as long. I havent had any issues with them rolling over (when I rotate my coals I always pick a flat side that is hot). As for harshness no issues, if you really have too much heat you can always take a hammer and screwdriver to them. I just like them that much more than lemon wood coals because they last that much longer, and you dont have to fiddle as much. imho, the new cocos are packaged much better than the old ones.

The main advantages that keep me using coconut coals over lemon or orange wood coals is that coconut coals tend to last longer, ash less, consistent size, and your hands dont get as dirty when breaking down the large pieces or just handling them (you dont even have to break em down in most instances.
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