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Default Re: How to make smoke cold?

If its warm around the hose, the smoke will generally be warm is what I've noticed. On a hot day outside, or next to my fire pit, the smoke will get pretty hot even with almost pure ice higher than normal in the base. You could try finding a way to better insulate the hose, so that it is less affected by the outside conditions (foil tape, insulation, etc.). Also you are at a disadvantage with such long hoses in a hot environment, the shorter the hose, the less time theoretically for the heat to be exchanged.

Hose in the freezer might work, but I doubt for very long.. Maybe you can wrap part of the hose (closer to your end the better I'd assume) with the blue ice packs and maybe that would help. maybe someone needs to make the ice bowl concept for the hose of a hookah, it'd be heavy but provide a cooler smoke. people like a thick handle you could just make it so you insulate the outside, leave the inside uninsulated to the inner hose, and make it a handle. any ideas?
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