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Originally Posted by Maxwell314 View Post
It expressly states on H-S that this one can do 3. I agree with the problem of the valve ports giving less pull then the main ports. The only hookahs that I've seen that are able to be expandable without affecting the draw are MYA's but that is just because they are made to be universal. I would say buy a 1 hose egyptian or syrian, deal with it being 1 hose (sometimes it's nice to have full functionality), then get a decent MYA when you get the dough. Once you have em both you can run more than one flavor. MYA's do pretty well despite their size, but from what i've experienced, pale in comparison to bigger egyptian or syrians (this doesn't at all mean they are bad).
Not all Mya hookahs are small. They run very tall actually. The height does not make much of a difference so long as you are using quality products and have good heat management.

I want to make it clear that I am an advocate of single hose hookahs. I have a single a double and used to use a triple hose hookah that I have let fade into the background. I have used all of them quite a bit and really prefer a single hose hookah because the function is better in my experiences.
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