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Default Re: Smoking hookah indoors?!

Originally Posted by inhalexhale View Post
Will the smoke detector be a problem at all?
Havent had a problem with mine.... Since you said it was a big room, I would say no. The Smoke isnt that thick. So unless you blow it directly into the dector I would say you would be fine. I would test mine now for you, but roomate is asleep.

Originally Posted by inhalexhale View Post
Will it smell too much? I'll have the windows open and a fan running, door closed obviously. and im upstairs, and its a pretty bigg room
My Roomate says he like it when I smoke because it makes the house smell like incense. So maybe try some incense and see if it goes out the door, I know they are more potent then the Hookah. With the window open and fan on am sure you will be ok, except for right outside your door maybe.

The smell goes away after about 4 hours or even after an hour. The smell doesn't stick like cigs or Cigars.... So its not going to bring down the value of stuff in your house and my cloths seems to smell fine afterwords.

Originally Posted by inhalexhale View Post
Will the bubbling noise make the ground rumble? (again im on the second floor) prob should just skip this question and make a diffuser,
I would say with carpet pading and everything... You shouldn't be rumbling loud enough for the sound to travel downstairs. But if your worried, like you said Diffuser fixes that easy.
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