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Default Re: New Coconara Shape

Originally Posted by PhantomICEMAN View Post
Im actually very disappointed with coconaras in general... I heard very big things about this coal..every where i searched everyone was giving them 9.8's and 10/10 and i thought these would be the holy grail to my sheesha experience and you know what i was duley disappointed. I havent tried the old batch but got these cubes and and well first about the heat their emit not alot i think the amount of smoke they produce isnt vast ive tried two and three and on both occasions either the smoke is too weak or the sheesha is too harsh.Before we use to use isntant lights..fair enough they have the chemical taste to them but the amount of smoke they produce is far more even right now ve just had a session we had two coconara on the go as were useing thinner foil weak smokes.. we put an instant light with them and boom the rooms full of mist .. Also i dont know how the peeps here managed get them burning for 2 hours within one hour these things are the size of a rasin and are producing weak smokes.. so far for me and our friends the instant lights win in all catergories besides one and that is taste obviously the cocnaras are generally taste less but besides that the instant lights cost a 3rd of the price takes a minute to light and produce more smoke than the coconara. Now im not too sure if im doing something wrong here and maybe you guys can point it out im using a standard egyptian hookah nothing snazzy like a KM, were using the stock hose with an egyptian bowl we have tried both thick and thin foil. we only use al fakher tobacco as that produces the best smokes. us guys dont have windcover and i dont know if that our down fall but right now im very skeptical about wether all this hype about coconara is what it is.. only hype...
Its not just hype, chances are you didn't get them hot enough to produce great smoke
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