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Default Re: 1001 Nights.

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
It matters to me. It matters that otherwise educated people continue to use incorrect pseudoisms instead of authentic nomenclature. It matters that most of the world views Americans as boorish and ignorant, and we choose to perpetuate that image by using blatantly incorrect terms pertaining to ancient and noble culture that we are all trying to embrace. Finally it matters that as international community we strive to not only set an example for our uneducated brethren by using the correct terminology, but also that we pay heed to members in other nations that may be confused by our utter failure to call things by their proper name.

Call me pretentious if you wish, but it bothers me that people continue to embrace a false westernized lexicon of our hobby, which we all love and respect. You can continue to appear clueless, but why would you want to?

I've worked at a hookah lounge ran by arabs, and a hookah is a pipe, and shisha is tobacco. And I called a moassell
"shisha" because it was just faster for me to type out, everyone understood what I was saying. Why you're getting so worked up over thihs is beyond me, but it's also rather stupid.

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