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Default Re: Smoking hookah indoors?!

Originally Posted by inhalexhale View Post
Will the smoke detector be a problem at all?
Will it smell too much? I'll have the windows open and a fan running, door closed obviously. and im upstairs, and its a pretty bigg room
Will the bubbling noise make the ground rumble? (again im on the second floor) prob should just skip this question and make a diffuser,
1)My detectors never go off, even when the room is hazy.
2)The smell from me smoking hookah in the front room usually stays in that room. Maybe slightly in the next room. And is gone without a trace by morning. Even on strong stuff like Tangiers and AyamZaman. But even if it did stay a little it always smells good to me.
3)I use a 32" KM with a funnel bowl and it doesn't really rumble that bad. And if your worried about it try using a small rug, similar to a kitchen or bathroom rug to set the hookah on. Will help dampen the vibration.
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