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Default Re: Got in trouble at work because I smoke hookah!!!

Originally Posted by JediSpam View Post
facebook and co-workers should not exist. you should have realized that before you got a job. hide things remove anything that looks shady and block them from seeing it
QFT. I'm not friends with ANYONE I work with. Period. You are my coworker/boss/whatever. You don't need to see my family shiznit.

As for the pictures, make your profile private and tell people "NO" when asking to be your friend on social sites. Facebook and Myspace have gotten SO many people fired, it's not even funny!

P.S I say F what an employer thinks they know. What I do in my off time is none of their business as long as I don't violate any contractual agreements between me and the employer. If it's not illegal, they can piss off. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE for them to fire me over my hookah. I would slap them so fast with a lawsuit that their head would spin. (And this is coming from someone who is NOT a sue happy person)

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